Warehouse plan
Pskov Customs Office of the North-Western Customs Department
Terminal area
73 000м2
Refrigerator compartment
Pskovsky customs terminal
of the Customs Clearance Department and Customs Control
Terminal’s own railway line
Mileage: 875м
Customs warehouse
Open space to accommodate 300 railway containers
Commercial warehouse
Fuel pumping station
Parking over 500 lots
Camera in the warehouse

High speed is provided by the power of reachstacker SANY RSC45-5M

Elcom-Terminal professionally provides all temporary storage services.

  • We will accept and store on special grounds your cargos which are due to customs clearance.
  • We will prepare all the documents necessary for DO-1 and DO-2 reports for customs processing.
  • We will weigh the cargo and provide efficient radiation monitoring for cargo which is under customs control.
  • We will prepare the cargo for customs inspection, which includes loading and unloading, sorting and mechanical or manual counting.
  • Our authorized customs brokers will help you to register the cargo right in the terminals.
  • We will take the cargo for safe storage after customs clearance.
  • We will help you load the cargo after customs processing as well as help you with delivery to the final recipient.

Temporary storage services from Elcom-Terminal will allow you to solve all the problems, which are connected with reception, registration, closing of the delivery procedure, preparation of consignment documents of any kind, unloading, cargo disposition, storage, warehouse processing and shipment.

We help to pass through customs fast and deliver the cargo right in time!

Contact our manager to check the prices for temporary storage service.

Elcom-Terminal provides all kinds of customs clearance services.

  • We will consult you in writing or orally about customs clearance issues.
  • We will select suitable Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activities codes and calculate the price of customs payments.
  • We register those engaged in foreign economic activities at the customs terminal.
  • We will prepare all the necessary documents for customs registration and clearance.
  • We will help you declare your goods and vehicles.
  • We will execute the necessary documentation for the cargo due to phytosanitary or veterinarian control.
  • We will arrange import and export customs documents.
  • Our specialists can be representatives of your company in customs institutions.

Customs registration of the cargo with the help of Elcom-Terminal reduces risks to a minimum and saves your time. The best customs specialists work for us!

Elcom-Terminal provides a wide range of storage services.

Warehouse storage services include:

  • ground and covered storage, storage in containers;
  • Storage of the cargo in constant thermal conditions of +2 to +10;
  • Storage of the cargo in cooling chambers;
  • Storage of filled and empty containers or carriages on the territory of the temporary storage warehouse.

We also provide related storage services.

  • We will load and unload goods with the help of mechanical means or manually;
  • We will load and unload goods which are due to veterinary control and dangerous chemical substances;
  • We will help you to place out-of-gauge loads and irregular cargos of all kinds at our temporary storage warehouse;
  • We sort cargos of any kind. We will help you to change the packaging, complement the cargo, put it on pallets and even pack the goods into the PP film.
  • We will help you to fix the cargos on the platforms, low-sided gondola cars and covered wagons.
  • We provide the weighing and photographing services.
  • Our specialists will prepare all the necessary consignment documents.

Elcom-Terminal provides complete safety of your cargo for the time you need. Round-the-clock CCTV, qualified staff and modern equipment guarantee the highest quality of our storage services. 

We will help you to get all the necessary documents for customs clearance, including the following:

  • Certificates and declarations of the Customs union’s technical regulations;
  • Certificates and declarations of Conformity to Russian quality standards;
  • Permission for import of the goods from federal veterinarian and phytosanitary control service;
  • Opinions of independent expert organizations.

Elcom-Terminal will help you in obtaining import licenses and all the certificates that are mandatory in Russia. 

Elcom-Terminal provides outsourcing of foreign economic activities:

  • Preparation of the transit declaration; 
  • Goods declaration of export or import kind
  • Customs value declaration; 
  • Acquiring a governmental registration license; 
  • Acquiring safety certificate for transport vehicles; 
  • Preparing a СТ 1 certificate
  • Preparing a certificate for second hand equipment; 
  • Preparing information letters, claims, affirmations and other documents.

Elcom-Terminal will help you to prepare all the documents required according to current customs regulations.

We carry out the delivery of any cargo to any place in the world with the help of our reliable partner, integrated logistic services operator—INIER.

We will organize the following types of international transportation:

  • International air cargo carriage;
  • international road carriage;
  • international railway carriage
  • international freight shipment;
  • international joint cargo carriage;
  • International carriage of dangerous cargos.

We have representatives in all sea ports, thus we can promptly react to any demands of our customers.

We transport all kinds of cargos:

  • whole and joint cargos;
  • valuable, fragile and perishable cargos;
  • Dangerous cargos requiring special temperature conditions during the transportation.

Elcom-Terminal takes the full responsibility for delivery of your cargo in time and in absolute safety.

Elcom-Terminal will not only deliver cargo but provide you with all the necessary additional services:

  • We will work out the optimal transportation scheme;
  • We will pick up the cargo and deliver it to the destination point;
  • We will provide customs processing of the cargo abroad;
  • We will assist you in re-issuing documents, ensure smooth transition of the cargo across the borders and arrange customs processing in the Russian Federation.

Elcom-Terminal has all the necessary resources to deliver your cargo fast and safely anywhere in the world using the most optimal way available.

About Elkom-Terminal

Customs warehouse for temporary storage Elkom-Terminal is located in the border area at the crossing of 8 freight routes.

The following sites are situated in immediate proximity of the warehouse:

  • international car checkpoints (Finland: Svetogorsk, Brusnichnoe, Torfanovka, Estonia: Ivangorod, Kunichina Gora, Shumilkino, Latvia: Ubylinka, Burachki); 
  • federal highways E-95, E-77 (Estonia) and E-262 (Latvia); 
  • railway (multiple freight terminal Berezki of Oktyabrskaya railway); 
  • “Pskov” airport. 

Motor and railway access ways go directly to the customs warehouse.

The warehouse for temporary storage is 73,000 m3 of secured area and it is fitted out with:

  • a parking lot for more than 500 trucks;
  • space for maneuvering large capacity vehicles;
  • a 875-m long branch line for receiving and dispatching large cargos, equipped with two gantry cranes KK–16/22;
  • container ground for 300 railway containers;
  • pumping station for the light oils with the tank loading and receiving rack;
  • CCTV, fire and security alarms.

The premises of temporary storage warehouse include:

  • 12,000 m2 worth of storage premises;
  • 4 cooling chambers with a volume of 8,000 m3;
  • special storage equipment for processing a wide range of goods.

The premises of temporary storage warehouse also include a department of customs clearance and control No.3 at the “Pskovsky” customs terminal.

Modern equipment enables the terminal to provide temporary storage services to customers using brand-new customs and storage technologies.

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authorizing provision
of warehouse services
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